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Dog Goes Tail Over Paws for the Baby Goats She’s Adopted

by Fred

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3.16.17 Loryn1


Loryn has spent her whole life living on a farm, helping her humans care for a vast number of other animals.  In fact, she’s more or less known as the farm “mom,” and really has developed a special bond with all the animals that she’s helped to raise.  Then, one day some baby goats arrived, and Loryn’s life was changed forever.


3.16.17 Loryn2


“She’s around all the farm animals all the time, so she’s seen it all,” said Andrea Holley in an interview with The Dodo.  Holley is Loryn’s human mom.  “She is truly a mother hen and takes in every baby we have here as her own.”


3.16.17 Loryn3


Not long ago, Holley’s farm took in some rescue goats.  As mentioned before, she loves all of the animals in her charge, however this seemed to be a bit different.  She is absolutely enamored with them, and they really seem to have taken a liking to her.


3.16.17 Loryn4


“Goats are the most loving, easygoing creatures,” Holley said.  “They loved Loryn right away. They are together all day, every day.”


3.16.17 Loryn5


The goats are called Mia, Henry, Delilah, and Daisy Mae.  The four of them can be found either outside playing together, or all snuggled up on a couch.  Loryn NEVER lets the little ones too far from her sight, and by all appearances, she has absolutely adopted these adorable little babies.


3.16.17 Loryn6


“Loryn is my right-hand man and always helps corral the babies when we’re outside or round them up while playing inside,” Holley said.  “She most definitely thinks they are her babies.”