Dog Hell, Switzerland

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Considering a move to Switzerland? Perhaps a vacation? Whatever you do, stay far away from Reconvilier. Your dog will thank you.

In an attempt to reclaim hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, the small Swiss village intends to begin enforcing a law enacted in 1904 that specifically addresses the town’s $50 annual pet tax, and it goes a little something like this: pay your pet tax or the village kills your dog.

Village official Pierre-Alain Nemitz says, “This isn’t about a mass execution of dogs, it’s meant to put pressure on people who don’t cooperate.” Apparently the village’s 2245 residents have very different feelings about the 280 dogs who call Reconvilier home. On Monday Nemitz told the AP that village authorities have been receiving death threats since word of the tax enforcement policy got out.

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26 thoughts on “Dog Hell, Switzerland”

  1. Looks like they value their goats but not their dogs. I have always wanted to visit the Swiss Alps. Not anymore. And why should anyone be taxed for owning a dog. My license only costs $6 a year.

  2. WOW and I thought the Swiss were supposed to be more open minded about the freedoms of their residents. This is surprising to me as the Swiss are always saying how free they are and how open they are as a society. Well I guess it goes to show that even in Switzerland politicians get greedy and inflict undue taxes on their residents.

  3. well i wanted to visit switzerland with or without my precious pup but now i guess that i wouldn’t dare visit a country who is soooooooooooooooo willing to kill a family member for $50 a year here in america a licence is only 20-30 a year

  4. This is deplorable. The dogs can’t help it if their owner(s) is a deadbeat who won’t pay the taxes. Seems they should threaten to throw the owner in jail rather than kill an innocent dog.

  5. don’t want to defense this villages ideas in any way but it’s only this one little village that has been discussing to killing the dogs because of their owner’s fault. it’s not the whole country.

    the local government of this village has been criticized a lot and they will get sued if they are trying to pull this through.

    btw dog owners have to pay tax because government of about every town in switzerland make ton


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