40 Amazing Animal Attributes

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A new slideshow video from Louise du Toit includes 40 examples of animal goodness set to music, and is beautiful in its simplicity.

From the producer’s notes: PETS are Precious, Extraordinary, Terrific and Special, and they have the most amazing attributes. Let us make 2011, and every coming year, the most beautiful year for our pets. Let us return their unconditional, unlimited love and loyalty. Let us show them the respect that they deserve. Let us follow them in their dedication to the ones that they love…

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8 thoughts on “40 Amazing Animal Attributes”

  1. What A Beautiful collection of photos. I do believe my blood pressure dropped considerably ! BRAVO Louise

  2. Dear, dear Louise what a wonderful tribute to our pets. Those who love us unconditionally. I hope someday to live in a world where all pets are treasured for the beautiful souls they are.


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