Dog Helps Cat with Head Stuck in Plastic Cup

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We all know a dog is man’s best friend, and it never ceases to amaze us when our four-legged best friends also become best friends with our other pets – be it other dogs, felines or exotic animals.

A video of a dog helping out a cat with a plastic red cup stuck to its head has gone viral.



In the video, the cat walks backwards with the cup attached to its head. He tries to get the plastic cup off, he can’t. Long and behold, the canine and hero rescuer comes to the cat’s aid.



Without hesitation, the chocolate Labrador gently bites down on the cup, freeing his feline friend from the plastic trap.



What an awesome friend and pet this dog is.

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100 thoughts on “Dog Helps Cat with Head Stuck in Plastic Cup”

  1. How did the cup get stuck on the cat’s head and why is someone simply recording the cat instead of helping it? I don’t imagine there were holes in the cup for the cat breathe and it could have been in real danger. Luckily the dog jumped in. Did not really enjoy this video.

  2. Really???? Why are people so mean!!! It’s obvious the cat was in distress!!! Not funny asswipe!! Let me put a bag on your head and not have your arms available and record that shit!!! You shouldn’t own anything!!!
    Hope u dint have kids!!


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