Dog Helps Dog Out of Car

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Some dogs have a difficult time getting in and out of cars, but don’t worry, there is a helpful dog that doesn’t mind helping his canine brothers with these tasks. Watch him in action.

1 thought on “Dog Helps Dog Out of Car”

  1. I absolutely love your dogs!! I have a black lab, a mixed breed (mostly lab, I think) and a little pom-a-poo. The black lab I inherited as he is a farm dog of a cousin of mine that passed away. Since I live on a farm he used to go house to house and visit but not anymore. He is very elderly and losing his sight and hearing. The mixed breed and the pom are like his guide dogs. I watch them in the yard to potty and play and they corrall him and keep him near. He can’t go anywhere without his friends. It give me great comfort that I don’t have to worry about him.


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