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Dog Helps Owner Care for Injured Stray

by Katherine

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Photo Credit: Newsflare/Video
Photo Credit: Newsflare/Video

Animal lovers fortunate to have a flexible job can take a few days off of work to take care of their pets when these get injured, but other pet lovers with the economic means depend on other people to care for their sick pets. However, those than can afford medical treatment or enlist their family member to help with the pets have no one to turn to.

In China, a man enlisted the help of his pet, a pit bull-Labrador cross named Black Tiger, to care for an injured four-legged friend.

Two months ago, Mr. Lan, a resident of Chongqing, China, found a small pet wondering the streets with a broken injured hind leg. The concerned man decided to rescue the hurt dog and nurse him back to health, but he was worried that while he was at work no one would be home to help with the dog’s care.

Black Tiger has been trained to carry a small basket of vegetables to the market every morning and Mr. Lan thought that if the vegetables were replaced with the injured pet, the stray could have his own canine nurse.

Since the swap, Black Tiger and the stray have become a sensation on streets of Chongqing. Mr Lan is able to go to work and Black Tiger nurses the patient, safely tucked in the vegetable basket.