Dog Hit by Car Survives 248-Mile Drive Stuck in Bumper

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Talk about hitching a ride!  Not only did this poor stray survive being hit by a vehicle, but also survived a 248-mile drive stuck in that bumper.  Across central China stuck in a bumper the entire time may qualify this dog as a survivalist.

According to reports from The People’s Daily Online, the dog got hit after sprinting out onto a Fenghuang County road, and being hit by Loudi Zhang’s car on the 26th of March.

After the dog was hit, somehow it ended up stuck in the front bumper.  Zhang said he continued driving because he assumed the dog was either dead, or had been hit and run off.

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Apparently, the dog barking was what got Zhang to stop and check his bumper.  Of course, he had already driven a couple hundred miles across China before hearing, or checking on the dog.

However, the second he realized something was up, he did check.  He decided to get help as soon as possible.  He drove, with the dog still in the bumper, to a veterinary clinic where he enlisted the help of medical professionals to get the dog out.

Once the dog was taken out, a full medical work up was done.  In somewhat of a miracle, the dog was totally unharmed.  According to medical staff at the clinic, the dog suffered “barely a scratch.”

Zhang says that of course, it was the work of fate.  He belonged with this dog, and has since adopted him.

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0 thoughts on “Dog Hit by Car Survives 248-Mile Drive Stuck in Bumper”

  1. Although I so glad he finally stopped – 200 miles later – who hits a dog and keeps going? I hit a deer and stopped to check it out (the deer got up and ran off eventually.)

      • Exactly Crystal – in China they hit children in the streets and keep going. Just do a google search for this and you can see many videos of children being run over in China. A dog is meat to them.

        Glad the guy took the dog to the vet afte 248 miles!

  2. Not that I like the fact that he was hit, or had to endure the trauma of being stuck in the bumper for that long ride….but for the outcome…a happy home!

      • Maybe he had loud music and didn’t realize he hit the dog? It’s possible, the guy maybe never realized he hit the dog. Jump-to-conclusioner

        • “Zhang said he continued driving because he assumed the dog was either dead, or had been hit and run off.”

          Reading comprehension…

        • It says in the article that he thought the dog was dead or got hit and ran off. Reading comprehension is not picked up by enough people in elementary school.

          • He still should have stopped to check if the dog is ok not assumed the dog ran off or was dead most people would have stopped not kept on driving

      • Let’s all remember….this happened in CHINA, the dog is lucky he didn’t become that evenings dinner for the Zhang family!

      • He did not know at first, that he even hit the dog. Then he was looking for a vet clinic for help and stuck around to make sure it was gonna be ok and adopted it. Most people would have got the dog out and left. But this person stayed and also gave it a home!

          • In the majority of countries, sadly, people don’t stop. I’ve travelled extensively in latin countries and other areas of the world, and it is extremely common and no one ever stops. It;s awful and traumatising, but it’s a different culture and different mentality. The majority of the world isn’t like the US or Europe with it comes to animals.

      • This story is “wacked”!!! NOT so sure about this guy’s intentions when he decides to adopt this poor pup!?! Quilt complex or after his 15 minutes of fame? Come on folks…appears that instead of IMMEDIATELY trying to help this poor, scared dog, he had the audacity to take a photo. Oh well, what’s a few more minutes of terror for a good photo-op!?
        I worry this little guy might not be in the right home.
        I’m not buying it!!!

    • Rochelle – Agree.
      And HEY CHINA!!! Isn’t it about time to take dogs OFF the menu???
      Just the thought of it makes me sick!!!


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