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Looking for Entertainment for Your Big Dog Wedding, Why Not John Legend?

by Fred

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Have you been planning a wedding?  Got a pair of dogs getting hitched, and everything is almost perfect.  You got great food, and an amazing setting for your wedding, but there’s one last thing you have got to get nailed down, and then the event is perfect.  That’s right, it’s the entertainment.

The entertainment can be the one thing that holds a wedding party together.  Sure it may rain, or the groom and his party gets distracted by a pack of running squirrels, but if the entertainment is top “dog,” all else can be forgiven, right?

Well, that where music master, John Legend comes in.  He’s putting up a personal performance of his music as a raffle prize, where if you needed him to, he can sing at your pooch’s wedding.  Or, whatever else you may have had in mind.

4.4.15 - John Legend

The prize is one of many being put up for raffle on Omaze.  It works as a charity, online raffle, and proceeds are going to the Show Me Campaign’s to rebuild the auditorium at the former South High School in Springfield, Ohio.  Which is also in John Legend’s hometown.

This amazing little video does feature him singing to a pair of bull dogs on their wedding day, and if this is what you want him to do, you can check out the website for the contest by clicking here.

If you win, you can have John Legend come and sing at your party (it doesn’t have to be a dog wedding), he will come and hang out at your event with you, and each entry goes toward rebuilding the auditorium at the former South High School in Springfield, Ohio, through the Show Me Campaign.  You can learn more about the Show Me Campaign by clicking here.

4.4.15 - John Legend2