Dog Infested with Mange Rescued from Crackhead’s Apartment

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Poor Gina was covered in mange, and badly in need of rescue.  She was stuck living with someone addicted to crack cocaine, and he wasn’t treating her very well at all.  When some friends of the addict saw her, they tried to get her help straight away.

That’s when Terri Sumpter and the Detroit Pit Crew were called in to help.  They came and got Gina out of there, and to a healthier and happier place.  She’s doing quite well with her recovery, and she will hopefully have a forever home very soon.

If you’d like to see more amazing rescue videos, click here to be taken to’s YouTube Channel.  You can also get updates on Gina, or any of the other dogs you’ve seen us cover here.  If you’d like more information on The American Strays Project or to make a donation to the cause, click here.  For more info on the totally awesome Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, click here.



4 thoughts on “Dog Infested with Mange Rescued from Crackhead’s Apartment”

  1. My God above… please bless the crackheads that had the little bit left of humanity left to try to get help for this poor animal.

  2. Listen up crackheads… you better watch out. How dare you let this happen to an animal. You should not be allowed to have such a beautiful dog. May mange be bestowed upon you.

  3. sad thing is, the poor dog still loves the crackhead. They love their “vagrant”, or whatever idiot won’t take care of them properly but still have them for companionship, for protection, to guard their pot groves, or just because they love and “rescue” them, Then when something happens to their owner, they wind up being abandoned and at the mercy of whatever life throws at them.

  4. This is absolutely horrible. Dogs should be treated like your own family. If you are going to use drugs and no care about another life then you should never get yourself a dog. I believe this person should spend a long time in jail for putting this dogs life at risk.


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