Dog is reunited with his family after seven years

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Pedro Feliciano was very surprised when Miami-Dade Animal Services called him and informed him they had his dog Max. It had been seven years since Max had gone missing.

Max took off on a rainy day seven years ago when he was only a year old. The family searched for him but was never able to find him. Another family had apparently taken him in. That family recently turned him into the shelter because they couldn’t take care of him anymore. When the shelter scanned Max for a microchip Pedro Feliciano’s information came up.

The family is very emotional to have Max back, even their daughter who wasn’t even born when Max went missing. Max recognized his family right away and they are excited to be taking him home. “It’s been seven years, who would’ve ever thought?” said Feliciano. Animal Services says this is an example of the importance of having a microchip in your dog and also making sure your information is kept up to date.