Dog Kicking Cop: Reinstated with Back Pay?

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A police officer who was fired after being filmed repeatedly kicking his State Highway Patrol dog in September of 2007 is likely being reinstated – with full back pay. The North Carolina Court of Appeals agreed with prior State Personnel Commission and trial court rulings that Sgt. Charles Jones was unfairly dismissed, and ruled that he should be reinstated with back pay.

Jones was fired after the video below was turned over to the Highway Patrol. Jones claimed that he was simply ‘training’ Ricoh to obey commands. The department’s director of internal affairs agreed, but once the governor’s office saw the video, they had Jones fired.

The  12-year veteran of the patrol can be seen in the video below kicking Ricoh repeatedly after lynching him. Ricoh hangs by his leash, with only his hind legs touching the ground as Jones kicks him at least five times, each time seemingly harder than the next.

Jack O’Hale, Jones’ lawyer, said that Ricoh was simply being ‘disciplined’ in the manner in which Jones had been trained. “These Highway Patrol canines are not house pets,” O’Hale said. “They are living, breathing weapons with teeth.”

In yesterday’s ruling, the court said that the decision in Jones’ case was made “not by the Patrol’s disciplinary process but by an outside entity whose purpose was not a fair and equitable treatment of Sergeant Jones.” The State Supreme court will have to review the decision, but legal experts say there is little likelihood that it will be overturned.
Fortunately, Ricoh was not injured badly in the incident. He has since been retired from service.

29 thoughts on “Dog Kicking Cop: Reinstated with Back Pay?”

  1. So an animal abuser is suppose to protect innocent children when they are in trouble? This is a very bad call to have that abuser put back into a position where he can carry a gun. If he will abuse an animal who can’t speak he will abuse people.

  2. “Jack O’Hale, Jones’ lawyer, said that Ricoh was simply being ‘disciplined’ in the manner in which Jones had been trained. “These Highway Patrol canines are not house pets,” O’Hale said. “They are living, breathing weapons with teeth.”

    I don’t know much about police dogs, but this sounds like a load of crap.

    You don’t train a dog by beating him or her. If this is true that he was taught to kick his dog then the trainer needs to be fired as well. The bond between a police dog and his handler is something that cannot be created by beating. It is created with years of training and mutual respect between the police officer and his or her dog. Many of these police officers spend more time with their dogs than their own family.

    • This is a load of crap I have been to the RCMP K9 training center and believe me no dog is disciplined in this manor. This was out right cruelty. The guy should have been fired and ordered not to be around animals. His superiors should be taken to task as well. The inhuman treatment of animals that serve are community should never be tolerated as they put their lives on the line just as this pinheaded officer does. No animals should be mistreated there is absolutely no excuse. An investigation needs to be brought forward so justice can prevail.

  3. as a relative of a K9 officer, this is not how dogs are trained. They are not hung and kicked. This so called “police officer” should be charged with assault on an officer. What a hypocritical jurisdiction. Disgusting!!!! But you know how it is sometimes, officers protect their own even if they are breaking the law…face it, it happens ALL THE TIME….I’m dissapointed that these are the people we have to rely on to enforce the law and to protect us!

  4. Ricoh deserves a medal – purple heart comes to mind. So-called police officer deserves lynching and kicking !

  5. Do unto others as you would have done to you. The handler is a trained kiler maybe he needs the same discipline?

  6. I’m from NC and am extremely embarrassed for the state. They actually bought that line of crap? I’ve known police K-9s and they were NEVER ABUSED by their partner! So I guess it’s sadly true- the wall of blue will always back their own no matter if their own is TOTALLY in the wrong. This guy deserved to be fired. And whoever is telling these guys that its procedure to abuse their K-9 partners as a training method- they need to be fired too. Sickening!!

    • not the wall of blue that did this, they fired him, it is called the union that protects these morons!


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