Dog Leads the Way to Missing 5-year-old Autistic Boy

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Jason Moser and Autumn found Scotty Meyer. Photo by Rob Olson / FOX 9 News

5-year-old autistic child Scotty Meyer was found alive Wednesday morning by a volunteer who said his dog led him to the boy near his home in Oak Grove, Wisconsin after a massive search effort.

Scotty wandered away from his home on Tuesday afternoon. 21 hours later, the Pierce County Sheriff announced that he was safe.

“Scotty Meyer has been found ALIVE near his home,” Pierce County Sheriff Nancy Hove posted on Facebook. “He has some mosquito bites and is a bit dehydrated.”

Scotty was found by search volunteer Jason Moser and his dog Autumn. The Ellsworth man joined the search effort Wednesday morning. Autumn is not a search dog, but Moser says he followed the untrained 8-year-old house dog into the woods after she whimpered and pulled him toward a stand of trees – and he heard Scotty whimpering.

“I could hear him, and it was just the sound of a boy, a little kid out there,” Moser says. “I ran as fast as I could and got up to him. The first thing he did was grab my bottle of water. And I talked to him, just kind of comforted him a little bit.”

The boy was reunited with his family shortly thereafter.

Moser said that Autumn celebrated her good deed with four ham sandwiches, offered as a reward. “I think she knows something good’s going on,” he says, “but she’ll get a good bath and probably another nice dinner tonight.”

3 thoughts on “Dog Leads the Way to Missing 5-year-old Autistic Boy”

  1. San DIego News Channel 10 September 13th, 2012, 5pm news, just aired a PATHETIC story about a mom who killed her 5 yr old autistic son and the news casters seem sympathetic! And the news reporter even interviews another mom of autistic teen who is in Autism Society Groups, and who ALSO seems sympathetic! As if not disgusting enough, the friend of the mom who killed her autistic kid, is then interviewed, and you guessed it…she’s sympathetic. Stop and think. The kid was 5 years old. There are thousands of parents living with severely-autistic children and adults who are in there 30′s and 40′s and you don’t see these parents kill their kids. SHAME on San Diego news channel 10 for MINIMIZING the seriousness of killing or abusing autistic people. What a disgrace. What is this teaching public?
    That the autistic person isn’t worthy of living?
    That seems to be the message when people grow tired of hearing about populations that have special needs. We better gear up people and fight back because our kids are going to be abused and killed and the public is being primed to accept this, so the state and feds don’t have to spend money to help them. It’s psychological ops at its first stage.
    Way to go San Diego Channel News 10. Way to advocate for autistic population. What a DANGEROUS message to send public. SHAME on CHannel 10 news, Why didn’t you interview an expert in autism ADVOCACY that defends the autistics abused and killed?


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