Siberian Tiger Cub, Puppy And Cat Share a Home

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When a rare Siberian tiger gave birth to two baby cubs at a zoo in Sochi, Russia, the cubs’ mother refused to feed them. Fortunately,  the cubs were adopted by Shar-Pei named Cleopatra – who now breastfeeds and mothers the tigers, Clyopa and Plyusha.

Special bond: Cleopatra the Shar Pei feeds her two adoptive children. When the two cubs' mother refused to feed them Cleopatra took over mothering duties and is now giving them all her attention, zoo workers have said
The cubs were born in late May in a zoo at the Oktyabrsky health resort in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.
Playful: Siberian tiger cub Plyusha gets the better of Shar-Pei puppy Fighter in the house in Socha, Russia

Cleopatra had recently given birth to a litter of puppies herself, and freely accepted the cubs, who live with Cleopatra, her puppies, and a cat called Masyanya.

Tussle: Clyopa battles with cat Masyanya. The month-old cubs have been welcomed into the house
Zoo assistant director Viktoria Kudlayeva said the dog is a superb mother to the cubs. “She accepted them right away,” Kudlayeva said. “She’s cleaning them and breast feeding them as if they were her own. And they also sleep together.”
Caring: Yekaterina Khodakova looks after the menagerie of pets, as well as her 18-month-old son Gleb
All are living under the same roof at a house in Sochi, western Russia, with owner Yekaterina Khodakova and her 18-month-old son Gleb.