Dog Left at a Florida Shelter With Note Explaining Why

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Caring for a special needs dog isn’t a very easy thing.  There is more than just extra money for treatments and therapies.  There’s also an awful lot of time and work involved in providing the extra care and love they may need, and for some, it’s just too much.  That’s what happened to poor Genie.

Genie was left at a shelter in Florida overnight, with a note explaining the situation to staff members there.  Genie is paralyzed, and the people she lived with were just no longer able to give the time, but more importantly the money needed to ensure she was comfortable and happy.

The note she was left with said, “I tried to manage her pain with medications from her vet, but they only ease her pain, and she needs surgery.  I cannot afford to get it for her, so I ask that the Animal Health Center heal her and find her a forever home.  Thank you.”

What a horribly painful thing to have to go through!  As much as you love your dog, sometimes things can happen to put you in a spot no one should have to be in.  For many, their dogs are like children to them, and they take care of them as such.  However to one day have to face the fact that you can’t give them what they need and deserve so badly, and for them to even just survive at all is impossible for you is the one of the worst things that someone could go through.


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