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Dog Left in Scrapyard Van with “Take Me” Note

by Fred

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8.18.14 - Dog Abandoned in Scrapyard Van1
Who could leave a face (and ears) like this behind??


A very adorable and happy-go-lucky puppy named Valerie was left in a windowless vehicle in a UK scrapyard with a note attached to her collar reading, “Take me.”  Fortunately, she was rescued from the van in time and taken to a rescue group, but what she could really use now is a home.

Abandoning her in a vehicle with no ventilation was far from an ideal way to get rid of an unwanted dog, but on the positive side, they at least left a note.  The rest of it said, “My name is Valerie and I’m six months old.”

The people who found her took her home for the night, and brought her to the Dogs Trust in Harefield, which is in the Greater London area.  A spokesperson said Valerie appeared to be in fine health, and that “Thankfully, she hadn’t been in there too long.”

“Valerie has had a pretty rough start to her short life but this hasn’t knocked her happy-go-lucky nature,” said Dog Trusts’ Sian Fairle.  “She is a typical puppy who loves everyone and everything.”

They say she has a “bouncy nature,” and would do best in an active home with a lively family, preferably with children over five.

If you are interested in giving Valerie a wonderful new family, please CLICK HERE.  Just remember, if you can’t have Valerie, there are many other dogs right in your area that could use your love!