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College Students and Teachers Rescue Three Stray Dogs

by Katherine

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When a group of college students and teachers from Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA) in Covington, Ga., learned of three stray and malnourished dogs hanging around the school’s entrance, they knew they had to do something to help the pets. The concerned group came up with a plan and got the dogs the help they needed.

Eleana, one of the three stray dogs rescued.

During the first week of August, three teachers, Marcus Pollard, Kayleigh Plumme, and Heather Pollard, collected the dogs. The pets were then taken to Beth Galloway’s classroom, a veterinary science teacher at NCCA, and with the help of students, the three strays received their very first bath in a very long time. Ashley Vilmenoy, Newton High School’s FFA vice president, donated her dog grooming skills to make over the street dogs.

Once cleaned, the canines were transported to a veterinarian clinic to receive proper medical care. Two of the dogs were taken to a clinic in Monroe but unfortunately, veterinarians determined the dogs were too sick and they were humanly euthanized. The third dog, a female Shih Tzu now named Eleana, was taken to Oak Hill Animal Hospital and was treated for hook worms, a hernia, and parasites.

Eleana also lost her front left leg. Her matted fur was so extreme that it wrapped around her leg, cutting blood circulation. The abandoned dog lost all sensitivity and movement on that leg, and therefore the leg had to be amputated.

Even though two of the three dogs died after being rescued, NCCA students and teachers are glad they made a difference in the pets’ lives.

“I told the students they should be happy that the dogs were shown love and care at the end of their lives,” Galloway told Cov News.

As for the surviving dog, she is on her road to recovery. Thanks to Michelle McGowan all of Eleana’s medical expenses were covered. McGowan also helped find a rescue organization to take in the dog. Eleana is now part of Mutts and More and they are helping her find a loving forever home.