Dog Lets Owner Know He Doesn’t Want to Take a Bath

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There are many dogs that enjoy swimming or chasing water sprinkles in the garden. We know of Retrievers and Labradors who would do anything to jump in the water, and for years we have watched in amazement how dogs enjoy participating in competitive canine water sports. However, there are a few dog breeds that when it comes to being in water, they seem more related to their four-legged friends the cats.

Meet Bobby, an 8-year-old dachshund who just hates it when his owner, Ernani Pardinho from Brazil, tells him it is time to take a bath.

In this video, originally posted in 2011, you see how Pardinho tells Bobby it has been six months since Bobby’s last bath. Bobby just growls and lets Pardinho know there is no way he is getting a bath. Yet, when Pardinho mentions going outside for a walk and meeting some canine friends, Mel and Melissa, Bobby’s attitude completely changes.

Bobby, we at Life with Dogs think you are some funny dog. You might hate the water, but you’re willing to make the sacrifice just to go outside and see some girls.

You are some flirt Bobby!

Learn more about Bobby on his Facebook page.


8 thoughts on “Dog Lets Owner Know He Doesn’t Want to Take a Bath”

    • It was big indeed when I made the vídeo, but he gets nail cuts once a month, it can’t be too short cause it bleeds.

  1. Jesus. People have something to say about everything. I have a doxie, too, who gets so stressed out when I clip her nails that she won’t willingly come out from under the bed for DAYS if I even show them to her. But I guess I’m unkind bc I let them get a little long, too, before subjecting her to it. You internet trolls are something else. Way to judge.

    • Thanks, he has nails cut once every month, it can never be too short.Bobby is a very well treated and happy dog.

  2. It is possible to change a dog’s mind about being bathed or having toenails clipped and involves patience and rewards, making the experience enjoyable and associated only with good things – not a quick fix but an almost certain one. As far as this video is concerned, I’m sorry I think he was teasing Bobby by switching between “bath” and “walk” and I don’t think Bobby was enjoying the interaction at all. Will he get bitten eventually? Highly probable. Will he find that amusing too, or will Bobby be soundly punished for it? I see trouble ahead for this poor little guy.

    • I agree, seems very cruel to wind the dog up like that, just put him in the bloody bath will you?! Then take him for a walk so he can see his friends 🙂


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