Dog Loses Leg but Finds Forever Love

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max (2)Max was found with his brother, Milo, living in a basement, before being rescued and brought to the Hillside SPCA in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. They had never been on a leash, were under-socialized and extremely fearful of new things.

At only eight months old, Max was suffering from an injured hind leg. Upon a veterinary visit, it was determined that Max had a broken leg and it had probably been broken for quite some time.

The staff and volunteers at Hillside SPCA were devastated! How cruel could a person be to leave a dog suffering in pain with a broken leg?!

Despite their hopes, it was determined that the best thing for Max was for his leg to be amputated. This seemed especially daunting considering he still needed to find a forever home too!  He went into a foster home shortly after his surgery.

Amazingly, Max’s foster family had a friend who quickly fell in love with him, three legs and all, and decided to take him in to be a permanent member of the family.

Max’s stitches are due to come out soon but he is taking it all in stride. He is the most pleasant, grateful pooch ever. Everyone thinks he is just a doll!

Max and Holly
Max and Holly

Max’s brother, Milo, is continuing to search for a forever home and the staff members at Hillside are all holding out hope that he will be as lucky as Max has been!


Hillside SPCA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that goes above and beyond for every animal that enters their doors. They provide animal welfare services to all of Schuykill County, Pennsylvania.

They also have a special fund called “Joe’s Fund,” in memory of their manager, Barbara Umlauf’s son, Joe Parnell. Donations to this fund go to saving the lives of so many animals in need.


9 thoughts on “Dog Loses Leg but Finds Forever Love”

    • They are probably too expensive for the shelter or rescue groups to use. The plastic is probably more practical. Maybe you should donate some of the inflatable collars then this wouldn’t be so much of an issue for you to be bothered by.

    • Using needed funds for legal fees rather than important supplies for other needy animals is always the challenge. Its a terrible predicament.

  1. There are a lot of tripods who get along really well, if they were found in a basement who owned the house? Were they charged? They certainly should have been! Fortunately he is young enough to adjust easily to being a tripod, cute little gaffer too.

    • These ppl are renting the house from us. We made it a point to check on them everytime we were there to collect rent or fix things. Charging them is up to the authorities but I was told likely not. They just dont have the funds for legal fees. But idk, I cant speak on their behalf. The most important thing was to have them removed and seek care.

      • They need to be arrested! They are nothing but scumbags! This isn’t the first time a dog was removed from there houses. They don’t take care of their children either, the chick gave 2 daugthers away! she cant take care of kids why let her free for abusing these animals all the freaking time?

  2. We have a rescue with three legs. He is awesome. We adopted him three weeks after his surgery. HE REHABED WITH NO PROBLEMS.


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