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Injured Dog Shows Strong Will to Live

by Katherine

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When a stray dog from South Africa was hit by a car and rushed to Mdzananda Animal Clinic, near Cape Town, veterinarians said the dog had little hope to ever recover from his injuries. X-Rays showed his pelvis had been crushed and he would never walk again, but when the dog saw the Good Samaritan who had been feeding him for months he did the impossible. The stray got up and walked towards her.

Photo Credit: Mdzananda Animal Clinic
Photo Credit: Mdzananda Animal Clinic


One Green Planet reports that a couple from South Africa befriended the stray who roamed the streets around their neighborhood. Every night this couple would leave food and water for their street friend, and the dog would come and eat his daily meal, safe, outside the couple’s home. As expected, the pet and the Good Samaritan had adopted each other and became best friends.

When the tragic car accident happened, the South African dog lovers did not hesitate to rush their street friend to a veterinarian, yet they never expected to hear the vet say the best thing they could do for their pet was to put him down.

Then a miracle happened. As the vet assistant was telling the dog owners euthanasia would be the humane choice, the stray got up, and walked towards his owners.

Vets couldn’t believe what happened and instead of putting him down, they opted to treat the canine by placing him on a long-term cage rest.

Unbelievably, the stray made a remarkable recovery and today, months later, the dog is back home with his beloved adoptive owners. Best of all, he is walking again on all fours.

Never underestimate the healing powers of love!