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Dog Lost in Car Crash Walks Back Home Seven Months Later

by Katherine

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In December 2014, Betty Trogdon from Darlington, South Carolina, was driving to Hartsville with her dog Charlie Brown when she got into a car accident. The pet got lost after he ran away from the accident scene. Trogdon thought she would never see her dog again, but seven months later she was left speechless when Charlie Brown walked into her own backyard.

Photo credit: WBTW
Photo credit: WBTW

Trogdon told WJBF she looked for her dog for two months, but after not finding him, the woman lost almost all hope of seeing her dog ever again.

“I went out just about every day for close to two months. I went out Christmas eve, it was moonlight, and we called, no Charlie,” said Trogdon.

Early August, the pet owner went out to walk her other dogs and when she came back home she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I looked up, and there was this thin, brown dog standing in the back yard. It really didn’t register for just a second, you know, the other dogs were quite upset thinking it was a strange dog, and I said, ‘Ah! It’s Charlie’,” said Trogdon.

The woman says having Charlie back home is nothing short of a miracle. The dog lost a lot of weight during his seven months trek back home and his pads were worn out. Charlie needed a lot of love and food to get healthy once again. Today, Trogdon is holding on tight to her dog.