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Dog Lover Changes Her Mind About Shelter Dogs and Pays for Billboard to Help Them.


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theresaAlmost three decades ago Theresa Lagorio made a decision that she regrets to this day. While looking for a dog she made a connection with an older dog at a shelter, but was unsure about adopting from a shelter so she left to get a puppy instead. Now, Theresa knows that shelter dogs make amazing pets. She has put up a billboard to hopefully help others avoid the mistake she made.

It’s been 25 years, but Lagorio still can’t forget the dog she left at the pound. It was a black-and-white Pekingese mix and the two instantly connected. Lagorio at the time just didn’t know if adopting an adult dog from a shelter was a good idea. If she could go back, she’d do things differently.

“She looked into my eyes, and I looked into hers,” said Lagorio. “And I left her.”

Eight years ago Lagorio got her dog Tallulah and her doubts about adopting a pet from a shelter were gone. Although it wasn’t instant, Tallulah is Lagorio’s best friend. The closer she and Tallulah became the more Lagorio wanted to do something to help shelter dogs and the overpopulation in shelters.

Now knowing what she does she is hoping to change the minds of people who have doubts about shelter dogs, like she did. Lagorio paid to have a billboard put up in her hometown of Stockton, California. On the billboard is a picture of her and Tallulah and it reads, “Adoption: An opportunity to choose your BEST FRIEND.” She hopes the billboard with help change some minds and lead to more adoptions and fewer shelter animals being put down.