Dog Makes Daring Escape from Kitchen

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Bandit has severe separation anxiety.  His condition is so bad that he destroys carpets, chomps on wires, and has even cut himself trying to get out of a crate.  With the kitchen being the baby-proofed area of the home, a dog trainer recommended that he be safely secured in there when his owner had to leave.  But much to his owner’s surprise, Bandit managed to escape!  To see just how he was doing it, a camera was set up to catch Bandit in action.




After seeing what Bandit goes through to escape, his owner has given the destructive and clever dog free reign of the house.



8 thoughts on “Dog Makes Daring Escape from Kitchen”

  1. This makes me very sad. Dogs don’t like to be locked in a room (with a window boarded up!). It doesn’t make the anxiety better, it makes it worse. I would think any trainer would know that.

    Severe separation anxiety can be treated successfully with medication (Clomipramine). It’s been a life saver for more than one dog I’ve known. Sometimes they are able to be weened off over time, sometimes they stay on a low dose for life. But I’d much prefer that, than to see a dog so scared it tries to escape out of a boarded up window!

  2. Separation anxiety of this caliber isn’t something that can just be “trained” out of a dog. It’s normally a mental/anxiety issue that needs both behavioral and medical care. It’s just like a human with a mental disorder, you wouldn’t tell a person with severe depression to “just get over it.”

  3. My dog has severe seperation anxiety as well. Even putting her in a bedroom with the door closed while we are in the living room drives her crazy, she would literally vomit as well as making such a racket that it sounded as if she were being tortured. After getting her a little sister she is much, much better now.


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