Dog Makes Himself a Swingset

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Liam Terry noticed that a dog a few houses down has a great way of entertaining himself, and decided to record him.  This pup wants to swing, and soon figures out a way to do it!


Attempt 1:  Up he goes!


4.30.15 - Dog Makes His Own Swingset1


4.30.15 - Dog Makes His Own Swingset2


A swing and a miss.  He’s really close, though.  He tries to get a running start, but this also fails.  He contemplates what to do next.


4.30.15 - Dog Makes His Own Swingset3


You can almost see the cogs turning.  He realizes how close he was, and decides to get a really good running start.


4.30.15 - Dog Makes His Own Swingset6


Alas, this also does not work.  But the rebound does!


4.30.15 - Dog Makes His Own Swingset4


See how much fun he has twisting and twirling away!