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Dog Meets Black Bear at Front Door

by Katherine

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Not many of us can say a black bear showed up at our front door, but the Barry family and their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, from Winchester, are one of the lucky few that can say this happened to them.

On May 5, 2014, a black bear wondered onto their property around noon. It climbed up their front porch and met their Corgi through the front door’s glass. Fortunately, the bear was not hungry and it did do any property damage, it was just curious to see who lived in the house.

The family who lives nears a state forest in a rural area says it is very common for them to see bears in the area, but this was their first time encountering a bear at their front door.

Since this was not a dangerous encounter, the bear left the family with a nice picture to prove that it in fact “knocked” at their front door and met their dog. See the picture below.