British Woman Raises Funds, Rescues and Transports Abused Romanian Dog

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When Claire Revis learned about Colin, a seven-year-old stray dog from Bucharest, Romanian, who had his front legs deliberately chopped off and had been walking for months on his exposed bones and infected stumps, she knew she had to help. With the help of a friend, the stray was taken to a local veterinary clinic, where his wounds were cleaned and the dog was given emergency care. Meanwhile, Revis arranged to have him transported to England.

Picture shows 7-year-old stray dog Colin whose front legs were cut off. Photo Credit: Ross Parry
Picture shows 7-year-old stray dog Colin whose front legs were cut off.
Photo Credit: Ross Parry

“He was found in a horrendous state, he’d been walking on bare bones, the skin on his two front legs had come off and he had a lot of infection,” Revis told Hebden Bridge Times. “He was cleaned up and given antibiotics. We spoke to a company called Orthopets who [does] limb reconstruction in badly injured animals.”

Ravis set up a fundraiser and thanks to animal lovers across the world £5,000 were raised. With this money Colin was transported to the U.K. and his front legs were amputated and prepared for the orthopedics limbs. His prosthetic limbs cost £3,000, and will soon arrive, but for now, the former Romanian stray is enjoying the love and care of his new owner.

Colin will have to wait a few more weeks before he can test out his new limbs. He will need to spend a few more months undergoing rehab and learning how to walk, but veterinarians are optimistic the abused dog will make a full recover.

“It’s so rewarding to see dogs that have been mistreated re-homed to loving families,” said Ravis. “People have donated from all over the world to see him come over and get re-homed. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the whole thing, [and this experience] really restored my faith in humans.”

There are thousands of stray dogs in Romania that are abused daily, and even though not every dog can be saved, there are people doing what they can to offer some of those dogs a better life. Colin is one of those lucky dogs to get saved, we only hope there were many more stray dogs that could learn what being truly loved feels like.


4 thoughts on “British Woman Raises Funds, Rescues and Transports Abused Romanian Dog”

  1. Anonymous, Romanian people are not all “barberian”. A lot of them are just as unfortunate themselves. If you think you can make a difference then go do it!

  2. There are some wonderful Romanian people that are rescuing dogs all the time.
    The question is: why doesn’t the government go after the lunatics that are torturing and killing dogs in the open?
    It doesn’t seem to be a priority.
    Also huge EU grants were given some years ago to Romania for SPAYING AND NEUTERING. They did not use it for that. No one knows where the money went.
    No country should ever be condemned by the actions of a few–but when there seems to be a lack of concern about what is going on from the government, people make their own assumptions. And as far as giving many people FROM OUTSIDE ROMANIA HAVE GIVEN MONEY, BECAUSE IF THEY DIDN’T IT WOULD BE EVEN WORSE.

  3. The same type injuries have occured in the United States- there are cruel, uncaring, unthinking, unfeeling idiots everywhere- in every country – this one just hit the news> It has nothing to do with the romanian people it has to do with people who are raised to be unsensatized- who have no feelings and could care less.


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