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Dog Missing Five Years Mysteriously Reappears on Owner’s Doorstep


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After going missing for five long years, Myrna Carrillo says her pet dog amazingly reappeared on her front porch last Thursday. Since she lost Prince, she’s moved to four different locations around town. Unbelievably, Carrillo came home from work and found the dog just sitting on her doorstep. “I thought I was seeing something. I just hope no one is playing a prank on me,” she said. Prince disappeared from Carrilo’s mother’s house without a trace in 2005.

Looking at old pictures of Prince, it’s hard to deny the resemblance. Bakersfield veterinarian Dr. Ann Hamilton agrees. “Because of the coloration, that grizzle coloration is pretty unusual, and because of the black around the face and the fact that he recognizes his name and he’s showing behaviors they had noticed before.”

Carrillo’s children are already helping Prince to settle in and getting to know him, and after the long and lonely journey he must have taken to find them, the Carrilo family said Prince is home for good.

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