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Dog missing for 18 months found 1200 miles away


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Missing pup pops up 1,200 miles away

Pooka was found wandering the streets of Espanola, New Mexico two weeks ago. When she was brought to a shelter a microchip scan revealed she was a long way from her home in Kentucky.

In June of 2011 Pooka escaped from the yard of her family’s military housing at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Pooka’s owner Mandi Smith put up posters and searched for a month, but found no sign of her Chihuahua-dachshund mix. “I went door-to-door and posted ads and everything that day, and I looked for her for about a month,” Smith said. “I just assumed she got eaten by something or hit.”

A year and a half later Pooka was found on the streets of Espanola, New Mexico. She was brought to the Espanola Valley Humane Society where they scanned her and found her microchip revealing that she had been on a long adventure from Kentucky.

When Smith received the news about Pooka, she couldn’t believe it. “I was in shock about it completely,” Smith said. “I had to listen to the voicemail a few times before I believed they’d actually found her.” Pooka is staying with a foster mom until Smith can come out next week to be reunited with her. IN addition a volunteer at the shelter is donating frequent-flier miles to help Smith fly out and bring Pooka back to Kentucky.