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Dog Missing for Almost Two Years Reunited with Family


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lilyAlmost two years ago a Chihuahua named Lily went missing from her family’s Arizona home. Since then her family had moved out of state and thought they’d never see her again. Then last Sunday they got a surprising e-mail that Lily had been found and with some help from some strangers Lily and her family were reunited.

It was Easter Sunday of 2012 when Lily disappeared. Someone had left the door to the house open and Lily’s owner Christy Tripp soon realized that her dog was missing.

At the time Tripp was living in Scottsdale, Arizona. They searched for months to find Lily. Soon hope faded that they would find her.

“At about 8 months I thought she was gone for sure,” said Tripp.

A few months ago Tripp got engaged and relocated to Elm Mott, Texas. She didn’t think she’d ever see Lily again. After a few months of living in Texas the last thing she expected was to receive an e-mail telling her Lily had been found, but last Sunday that’s what happened.

“I got an e-mail from Lily’s microchip company saying she had been scanned at the vet clinic I had used in Scottsdale,” said Tripp.

Tripp immediately called her old vet and they informed her that a stranger had found Lily wandering in Tripp’s old neighborhood and had brought her into the clinic.

Tripp was ecstatic and put together plans to fly Lily to Texas, unfortunately she ran into a problem.

“Lily couldn’t get cleared to fly in the cargo bay of the plane because she was too small and wouldn’t survive the altitude temperature during the flight,” said Tripp.

Tripp’s old vet went to Facebook to see if they could find someone willing to fly with Lily so she could be in the cabin of the plane. Someone who had never met Tripp or Lily volunteered to take the Chihuahua on their flight free of charge.

This Sunday Lily and Tripp were finally reunited at DFW International Airport. No one knows for sure where Lily has been for the past two years, but Tripp is thrilled her missing dog is home again and just in time for the holidays.

“This is honestly, the best Christmas present my family could have ever received,” said Tripp.