Dog Missing for Only a Week Found 500 Miles Away from Home

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An Oklahoma man thought his dog of over ten years, Lady Bird, was gone for good when she disappeared at the end of last month. Lady Bird was found, but not before going on an adventure that would take her 500 miles away from home in just a week.

Allie Blevins was devastated when Lady Bird slipped out the front door and disappeared. For over ten years Lady Bird had been by his side and he was grieving her loss.

“I probably burned half a tank of gas hollering for Lady Bird,” said Blevins. “I went through the grieving process. I was talking to her and realizing she wasn’t there”

He did everything he could to find her and kept in touch with animal control hoping to hear good news. Then a week later animal control got the call that shocked them and Blevins. Lady Bird was found all the way in Iowa.

Lady Bird had been picked up by some transients who took her with them on a train out of Oklahoma. Once in Iowa a man there saw her city dog tags and called Guthrie Animal Control to report that Lady Bird was all the way in Iowa.

Now that Lady Bird was found it was just a matter of figuring how to get her back to Oklahoma. The man that had put in the effort to look at her tags and contact animal control came to the rescue again. He had a friend who was a truck driver and was about to hit the road and head through Oklahoma. The trucker agreed to take Lady Bird with him and reunite her with Blevins.

“He handed me Lady Bird and she just looked at me like…’I’m dying,” said Blevins. “For two days she did nothing but put her head on my thigh and sleep.”

Blevins is thrilled to have a happy ending and have his best friend home again.