Dog Missing from Rhode Island Home for 764 Days Rescued in Mass.

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Bosco had been missing from his home in Rhode Island foover two full years.  In fact, the dog had been missing and presumed to be surviving on his own for 764 days!  Thankfully, someone from Missing Dogs of Massachusetts caught wind of sightings of Bosco in Boston, and managed to capture him and return him home.

“He was leashed in the back yard and somehow he just slipped off the leash,” said Sheilah Graham.  Graham is a volunteer with Missing Dogs of Massachusetts.

Up until very recently, no one had a clue to where Bosco had gone to after slipping his leash.  However, as luck would have it, people started reporting sightings of him to Missing Dogs.  They put out a live trap with a camera attached to it, and eventually he took the bait so to speak.

Within minutes of having Bosco, Graham got on the phone to contact Bill Ballato.  Ballato is Bosco’s human, and was missing his buddy very badly.  Once Graham finally got him on the line, Ballato was shocked and very happy to find out that he was safe and sound.

“All I heard was him howling in the background and I knew instantly it was him…And I almost fainted because it’s been two years,” said Ballato.

Now, the issue of getting Ballato to Bosco is the task at hand.  Ballato has health conditions that would make travel for him almost impossible.  They did manage to get Bosco to do some Face Time with Ballato, but figuring out the logistics of the reunion has been a bit more difficult.

Be sure to check back with us at Life With Dogs for more information as it’s released.  Also, for more information on Missing Dogs of Massachusetts, you can click on their name in the article above, or click here to see more.


3.6.16 - Bosco

43 thoughts on “Dog Missing from Rhode Island Home for 764 Days Rescued in Mass.”

  1. Maybe Bosco didn’t want to stay tied up in someone’s yard all the time and just enjoyed being on his own? I’m glad he is being cared for but not so much that he has to go back to the same environment he left 2 years ago…..hope the owner either keeps Bosco indoors or builds a better enclosure so that he won’t be able to escape again. My first dog was a beagle and she loved to run away and find new adventures to get into all the time.

  2. The dog is not even reacting to the guy on the computer? The dog is not blind or deaf, so I’m betting he is not so excited about the guy. They need to investigate before sending him to the ‘owner’ who had him tied in the backyard.

  3. He was on a leash in the backyard? He shouldn’t have been on a leash unless his human was on the other end of it. Contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t want to be where their human isn’t. Maybe someone should scrutinize his humans before returning him to them – big time!

  4. Good afternoon… I have debated on whether to comment here on this or not… I am the person holding Bosco in this video. Due to his owner not giving up on finding him for the past 764 days Bosco is safe.. His transport plans are being worked on. To those of you who are speculating, judging or commenting about something you have no idea about, that is too bad.. This is an awesome story about how a community rallied around this lost dog for the past 2+ years. How strangers came together and made a difference. Sightings kept coming in, even if they were a bit sporadic, but the area never really changed.

    A bunch of things lined up from the Tuesday before Bosco was caught. A Policeman from Westerly contacted Bosco’s owner about seeing him, his owner reposted on Wednesday to Westerly Animal Shelter’s page on FB, they shared it to the Stand Up for Animals page, someone there suggested Bill contact Missing Dogs of Massachusetts for assistance. They contacted me, which opened the conversation between Bill and myself. Crazy how everything worked out the way it did. The plan was made to travel down for the next evening. Bosco traveled more after 8pm, and was seen normally up until midnight give or take. Bosco’s owner contacted the restaurant for approval to set up the camera and trap, this was granted and the spot was chosen. The trap was set at 742 pm, and Bosco was safely inside by 744pm. He actually started approaching before I was finishing setting up.

    Back to why Bosco was leashed out in his yard. Actually he was up on the deck enjoying the sunny day. He wasn’t even out long, for whatever reason he slipped his collar and went wandering. Mishaps happen, they happen all the time. There are a lot of lost dogs out there, most are avoidable. Do I point blame at those who do? No I do not, myself and many other people and organizations around the country (including Missing Dogs of Massachusetts) as well assist owners in bringing their lost family members home. We hope they can share their experiences to prevent one from getting lost. We try to spread awareness one family at a time.

    As to why Bosco was shaking, well lets see, he was out 746 days on his own, with no human contact. He is being held by a total stranger (me) in front of 2 men, one holding a big scary thing in his hands filming this heartwarming survival story. Even during the Facetime, again here is a voice talking to him out of a device placed in front of him. He was shaking the entire interview. Bosco is safe, he is warm, he is being fed, he does not have to be on high alert 24/7 anymore. The plans to get Bosco home to his dad in CO are in the works. THAT is all that matters. Bottom line is, enjoy this feel good story in the times where the world is falling apart at the seams. Enjoy the story for what it is, an amazing dog rescued from an abusive situation in a puppy mill, he lived 7 years with his dad before he escaped, he survived 746 days on his own. Bosco is between 11-13 years old. This story gives hope to those of you who might be missing a pup now, or should the situation present itself, in the future. I understand everyone has their opinions. There will always be negative ones. Those of you who are happy for him being safe “ Thank You”, he will be home to his dad soon.


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