Dog Missing from Rhode Island Home for 764 Days Rescued in Mass.

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Bosco had been missing from his home in Rhode Island foover two full years.  In fact, the dog had been missing and presumed to be surviving on his own for 764 days!  Thankfully, someone from Missing Dogs of Massachusetts caught wind of sightings of Bosco in Boston, and managed to capture him and return him home.

“He was leashed in the back yard and somehow he just slipped off the leash,” said Sheilah Graham.  Graham is a volunteer with Missing Dogs of Massachusetts.

Up until very recently, no one had a clue to where Bosco had gone to after slipping his leash.  However, as luck would have it, people started reporting sightings of him to Missing Dogs.  They put out a live trap with a camera attached to it, and eventually he took the bait so to speak.

Within minutes of having Bosco, Graham got on the phone to contact Bill Ballato.  Ballato is Bosco’s human, and was missing his buddy very badly.  Once Graham finally got him on the line, Ballato was shocked and very happy to find out that he was safe and sound.

“All I heard was him howling in the background and I knew instantly it was him…And I almost fainted because it’s been two years,” said Ballato.

Now, the issue of getting Ballato to Bosco is the task at hand.  Ballato has health conditions that would make travel for him almost impossible.  They did manage to get Bosco to do some Face Time with Ballato, but figuring out the logistics of the reunion has been a bit more difficult.

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3.6.16 - Bosco