Dog Opens Four Doors, Submerges Herself In Bathtub To Survive Six Hour House Fire

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Greenville, SC — Firefighters say they witnessed a miracle after losing the battle to save a home from fire, only to find a survivor huddling in the charred remains six hours later.

Despite the best efforts of thirty firefighters from four departments, the Brumby family home was lost after a violent blaze burned it to the ground. Heat and smoke in the structure were far too widespread for internal access, so it took two nearly hours to get the fire under control, and another few hours just to put out hot spots. A total of six hours had passed when firefighters happened upon the unexpected – a drenched, dazed, soot covered miracle named Mia.

As fire consumed the home around her, 1-year-old Belgian Malinois Mia did the unthinkable – she saved herself. The trapped dog made her way through the home by opening four doors, eventually finding her way to the basement, seeking safety in a bath tub that had filled with water as firefighters doused the flames that threatened her very life.

Mia’s owner, Chris Brumby, said he was amazed that she survived, but was not surprised by her actions. He said the dog had previously learned to open doors throughout the house. As firefighters carried her out of the home, “She literally had steam coming off of her,” he said.

Brumby, his wife and their children were dining at a local restaurant when the fire started. And while the house was a total loss the family was incredibly relieved that their dog survived. “That was a pretty special moment for us, because she’s definitely part of the family,” he said.

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61 thoughts on “Dog Opens Four Doors, Submerges Herself In Bathtub To Survive Six Hour House Fire”

    • Pedro how did you come to the conclusion that the family didn’t care? Because they weren’t at home when the fire broke out? Or was it because they didn’t rush into a fire that firefighters couldn’t bring under control quickly to rescue their dog? Just curious.

      • Their comment:
        ““That was a pretty special moment for us, because she’s definitely part of the family,”

        Pretty special? Doesn’t sound very overwhelming. Shes “definitely” part of the family, well isn’t that obvious? Just doesn’t sound like comments from people who truly care.

        • They probably didn’t have much to say seeing as their house just burned down along with all their belongings.

          God forbid they lack words for the media, I mean people out here might judge them and think they don’t care about their dog if they don’t profess their undying love for her.

          Geez, some people just can’t accept a good story for what it is. A freaking miracle with a happy ending.

          • Wow, really Pedro? I don’t know, maybe losing every material pocession, every memento you ever owned- only to hear that your devoted dog had the will to survive and the smarts to take refuge in a tub for SIX LONG hours…maybe all that might have been just a little overwhelming for this family at the time of the interview..

      • Cherie, I am with you. I am sure the shock of losing everything was extreme. I am sure they feel guilty that they were not home at the time of the fire and their dog went through that kind of ordeal. I read nothing that states they did not care.

  1. That is just an incredible story. Whenever we have a thunderstorm, my dogs go to the lowest level of the house (basement) in an area with no windows, laundry room and stay there crouching down. Dogs have such great instincts.


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