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Dog Plays Dead When Picked Up

by Fred

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Some dogs just don’t like certain people.  The people haven’t been mean or abused them, but for whatever reason, these dogs have decided they just can’t stand them.  When Daniel tries to pick up this little dog, he plays dead to avoid him!




“Come at me bro!  Oh wait, he’s actually coming at me.  ABORT!  ABORT!  ABORT!  Activate protocol “playing possum!”  Repeat x3. (April Pierce’s comment modified for site’s family-friendly status.)

We do not encourage Daniel or his family’s actions.  If a dog is displaying aggressive behavior, it is not wise to do something that is likely to make them feel more threatened, thus more aggressive.  It is not cute for dogs to be nippy just because they’re little.  They and their family members should be trained as soon as possible to avoid future injuries