Dog Plays Fetch by Himself in a Creek

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This video was taken by YouTube user Ryan Faw, who was fascinated to see this happy little guy playing fetch by himself.

“Don’t worry guys, the dog has an owner. He wasn’t homeless. This was taken in Kobe, Japan for those wondering,” Ryan said.

4 thoughts on “Dog Plays Fetch by Himself in a Creek”

  1. My lab comes close to doing this. I toss the ball into the middle of a running stream and she wades through the water to keep up with it — sometimes returning the ball to me and sometimes going off on further adventure of her own. I do love to watch her chase the ball whie chest high in the running stream. I sometime have to guide her and say and point “Clio, look, under the bridge, get your ball!!” as there are many obstacles along the way including rocks, log jams, and grass outcrops where she needs my guidance. A great partnership.


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