Dog Plunges Four Stories without Breaking a Bone, Lands Himself New Owner

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12.1.12 Plunge1
Katelyn Guay and Blackie

A tiny Cairn terrier named Blackie took a terrifying plunge from a fourth-story apartment window in Lawrence, Massachusetts and survived.  The one -year-old dog was immediately rushed to the MSCPA-Nevins Farm by his owners, who had watched in horror as he fell.

Blackie suffered a traumatic head injury that left him blind and unable to walk.  Veterinarians hoped these results would only be temporary, but only time would tell.  Amazingly, he did not break any bones, perhaps due to his youth and small stature.  In a strange turn, his owners decided to give him up.

“His owners opted not to keep him because they were concerned about the length of time his recovery would take,” said MSPCA-Angell spokesman Rob Halpin.  “So they surrendered Blackie to Nevins Farm.”

But there was hope for the little guy.

“Thankfully we were able to provide Blackie the initial care he needed after such a tragic accident because of generous donations to our Angels for Animals Fund,” said Mike Keiley, director of the Noble Family Animal Care and Adoption Center at Nevins.

Blackie was transferred to Boston’s Angell Animal Medical, and Dr. Jaclyn Morency took over.  Attendant Katelyn Guay in critical care wasn’t working on the unit that day, but saw him briefly.  She knew he was nearly blind and had an unsteady gait.  She took pity on the forlorn and abandoned dog.

Guay’s family was very fond of Cairn terriers and she found an immediate soft spot for him.  She impulsively filled out an adoption application, and was accepted by Nevins.  But there were no guarantees that he would ever recover.

“They told me head injuries are pretty unpredictable,” Guay said.

So far Blackie seems to be recuperating.  He has regained vision and his walking has improved.  He will be closely monitored, because his vision may someday fail again.

“You wouldn’t know anything had happened,” Guay said. “He is doing amazing. He’s not even the same dog. He’s gone back to being a puppy.”

She says he is either playing constantly or passed out from exerting himself.  He is gradually bonding with Guay’s parents’ older Cairn terriers, who have been a bit aloof to their new protégé.  Blackie loves them both, and to Guay, all that matters is his happiness.

“The important thing is that Blackie is happy.  He knows he has a home and people who will take care of him,” Guay said.  “We love him to death.  It feels like we’ve always had him.”

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