Paramedics Save Emaciated Pit Bull who was Minutes from Freezing to Death

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From the City of Good neighbors comes another disturbing tale of animal abuse and neglect.  A starving pit bull was left to die in frigid temperatures outside of a Buffalo animal shelter that was closed for the day.  But through this sadness, a ray of hope shines.

Two paramedics happened to drive past Dr. Hector Anderson’s Inner City Animal Hospital when they noticed a malnourished and frozen pup who seemed to be abandoned on the doorstep.

“As my partner was pulling into the driveway, all of a sudden, she started going, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ It was, like, 32 degrees outside, and she was skin and bones,” said EMT Norine Hoch.  “If we [had gotten there] seconds later, she would probably would have been frozen to death.”

The pair knocked on the hospital door, but were only greeted by a custodian who told them they were closed and there were no doctors on site.

“A gentleman came to the door, and he said, ‘I know she’s there.  I called the SPCA.  They’re on their way.’  And slammed the door in our face,” Hoch said.

Shocked that he would not even bring the dog inside to warm up, the paramedics took matters into their own hands. The women wrapped the six-month-old dog, who was so weak she couldn’t even lift her head, in blankets and applied heat packs to her frigid body.  Then they rushed her to the SPCA.

Field supervisor Michael Arquette said, “It was very heartbreaking to see just how thin, weak, and how cold she was to the touch.  They were very saddened, but very happy to see us bring the puppy in, instead of just leaving it there.”

The puppy, who is now being called Metro after the Metro-Rural EMTs who saved her life, had her body temperature measured by the SPCA upon arrival.  It registered a shocking 10 degrees lower than would have been normal.

Sadly, this is not the first time a dog close to death’s door has been turned away by Dr. Anderson’s clinic.  In 2009, a cocker spaniel named Kenny was left to die on his doorstep for 24 hours before anyone even called the SPCA.  The gaunt dog weighed only nine pounds, and should have weighed 30.  The SPCA is now investigating the animal hospital because of the deplorable pattern that seems to be emerging.

Metro is in critical condition, but seems to be slowly recovering.

“She’s eating, which is good, but she’s still in a critical window.  We still can’t be sure [if she will survive],” said Dr. Helen Chevalier.

“There’s no question that cruelty was involved here,” said Erie County SPCA Executive Director Barbara Carr.  “I think we can reasonably say that this is a case of starvation.”

They are now attempting to track down Metro’s owner to pursue animal cruelty and negligence charges.

Starved dog found at clinic’s doorstep

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  1. I am horrified by the treatment of this puppy but even more shocked by an animal hospital that is so heartless. This is clearly a business that operates on profit as it’s only goal and it is just a coincidence that it’s a veterinary facility. Compassion is clearly not their mission statement.

    Poor little Metro. I do hope that she responds well to treatment and survives this abuse, not once with her owner, but twice with those supposedly entrusted with animal medical care.

    Simply shameful. I hope this facility is investigated!

    • Oh, and a great big thank you to the two EMTS’s who showed compassion and acted quickly to save this poor little pup!

  2. OH MY God…another Patrick! Please let Patrick’s light and strength guide this pup to recovery! Metro we’re all sending special prayers and good thoughts your way!

  3. Why didn’t the SPCA show up when called? Are these dogs being left in this Vets’ care and when the owners don’t show up to pay he just lets them starve until he throws them out and calls the SPCA to pick them up?

    Thank you to these EMT’s and to people everywhere who do actually care. To those who abuse…karma will get you, you degenerate filthy human. Beasts are better.

    • Yes, I am wondering why the SPCA took so long? But would it have hurt anything to bring the poor dog inside?

  4. No excuse for anyone to let any animal get to this point ever. This is the most heartbreaking what mean ignorant folks do to innocent animals who don’t deserve this suffering. I hope they ind the person responsible, close this clinic and that janitor be fired as well. How dare they turn this poor baby away in time of need. God less the ASPCA and specially the paramedics that potted his life less body without them he would of surely died…

    for their love and dedication to these poor innocent victims. I pray that Metro will make it and the good lord gives him strength to rise above and get thru his a strong puppy who can have a wonderful and happy life with a loving family to call his own:) god please bless this baby and ll like him. And punish those responsible. Keep us informed of his progress please on this web site. We would ppreciate it and will be prying nd pulling for Metro.

  5. I have looked all over for some sort of email address to contact the SPCA to try to offer help for this animal. I can find no way to contact them other than a phone number and it is after hours. Can someone from the SPCA please contact me at my email address (listed) and let me know how I might be able to help?

  6. this is truly the Devil at work, anytime anyone abuses a child or a helpless animal, you know that the Devil is at work within them…

  7. This “vet” needs to lose his license AND go to JAIL for animal cruelty. He is more disurbing than the sick people who allowed this dog to get to this grave condition. Despicable. Violated the vet oath and many state vet laws. Egregious!


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