Dog Pushes Man in Wheelchair Through Flooded Street

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There isn’t much to this story or the video, but it’s definitely worth sharing. A dog appears to be pushing a man in a wheelchair through a badly flooded street.

The location is unknown, but a woman in the background appears to be speaking Russian. According to a translation, she says, “God, poor dog,” as she passes by in a vehicle. “Looks like the dog is pushing him.”

The man in the chair waves the car along, as if to say, “don’t worry – my buddy is helping me.”

Man’s best friend is right.





3 thoughts on “Dog Pushes Man in Wheelchair Through Flooded Street”

  1. Actually, I think what’s going on here is the guy has an electric wheelchair, and the dog is standing behind the wheelchair on two legs and leaning against it to keep from being under the water. I don’t think that dog is strong enough to push that wheelchair – certainly not through water!! I think he’s on a leash and is just leaning against the back of the wheelchair with his front paws to prop himself up and out of the water.

  2. Yeah Neil, that’s probably right. The guy waving the car on seemed to be a sort of mad that the ppl in the car were slowing down too.

    If that’s an electric powered wheel chair though it’s heavy and pretty impossible to lift (one of those vans with a lift is needed) so even if he’d allowed for help the ppl in the car would’ve only been able to take the dog.

  3. I don’t why he wasn’t up where the girl was walking, also how does an electric wheel chair/scooter work with the motor UNDER water??? Just saying, I realize what we see is really going on but way too many questions left after watching…LOL


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