Dog Receives Heroic Rescue After Falling Through Ice

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12.4.14 - Dog Receives Heroic Rescue After Falling Through Ice


As temperatures drop for the season, bodies of water are freezing over, and unsuspecting dogs wander out on ice and find themselves in great danger.  Many do not survive, but thanks to fire Captain Tom Langevin, one lucky Maine dog has had his life saved.

A call on Wednesday morning prompted firefighters to head out to Little Ossipee Lake in Westboro, Maine.  A golden retriever got out and fell through the thin ice.  According to Fire Chief Matthew Bors, Capt. Langevin, known as Dr. Doolittle for his love of animals, shimmied into an ice suit and slid across the ice.

The dog, named Dakota, had gotten about 100 feet out before plunging into the frigid water.  Langevin was tethered to shore, but still risked his life to save the distressed dog.  In minutes they were safe and back on dry land.

“We don’t get a lot of calls for animal rescues, but we respond and assist with whatever we can,” Bors said. “Luckily the outcome was a positive one.”

Dakota’s owner said he spent an hour warming up in front of a woodstove before having some ice cream.  Bors is happy that this situation ended happily, but reminds people to please use caution around ice this time of year.  As always, keep an eye on your dogs, keep them leashed, and for safety’s sake, keep them off ALL ice.