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Dog Rescued after Being Hit by Car


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berettaHit by a car and left for dead an injured dog named Beretta is getting a second chance after the county sheriff spotted her lying on the side of the road last week.

Last Tuesday the Sandoval County Sheriff spotted the pit bull on the side of the road. She was in bad shape and the Sheriff and Animal Control quickly rushed her to a veterinarian for help.

She suffered nerve damage in her right leg, trauma to her neck and road rash on her chin from being hit by a car. She had no identification and she was going to be euthanized until the non-profit NM Dog stepped in to save her.

“We think she’s got a family out there that’s probably missing her,” said NM Dog President Angela Stell. “We would like more than anything to return her or reunite her with her family.”

The rescue thinks she has a family due to her friendly nature and the fact that she is well fed unlike most strays.

In the meantime while they search for her family the non-profit is looking for a foster to help her recover from her injuries.

“What she really needs right now is a foster home where she can recover and she can begin her healing process so she doesn’t have to sit in the clinic,” said Stell. “They always do better when they’re in a home environment.”

If no owners are found, Beretta will be put up for an adoption once she recover from her injury. Anyone interested in helping NM care for Beretta can go to their website and their fundraising site for Beretta.