Dog Rescued After Spending a Month Trapped in the Bottom of a Well

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Bruno is a seven-year-old dog who is being calling a living miracle.  He survived a month of being trapped at the bottom of a well in Canada, and he’s finally been rescued.  He is now in the care of Dr. Catherine Colodey with the Prairie Animal Health Center.




“I’ll never forget what he looked like,” said Dr. Colodey in an interview with ABC News Today.  “He looked like a skeleton with skin.  He was caked in mud and his skin had deep rashes from standing in that murky, wet environment for so long.”




It really is amazing that Bruno did manage to make it for as long as he did.  Talk about an indomitable spirit!  It would seem that part of the key to his survival in this case is thanks to the recent snowfall in the area.  It would have provided him with a minuscule but all too necessary way to get water.




“It’s already snowed here quite a bit, I mean, it’s Canada,” Dr. Colodey said.  “And a lot of us don’t like the snow all that much, but to be honest, the snow was what probably kept Bruno alive.”




Bruno is now on a very rigorous treatment plan to ensure that he makes a full recovery. Despite the tall odds, he’s actually expected to come out of all of this with a full recovery.  Well, physically speaking at least.  We’re sure that it will be some time before he decides to go have an adventure.




“He’s been such an inspiration and caring for him has just reminded of why I got into this work in the first place,” said Dr. Colodey.  “It’s going to be a long road of recovery for him before he can reach that steak his family has promised him at the end, but I’m so sure he’ll get there.”