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Dog Rescued from Being Swept Away in Sea

by Katherine

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When Alex Fiott, Laura Birchall, seven-year-old Bailey Birchall, and their Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross dog named Bella went to the beach in Chichester Harbour Hampshire, UK, they never imagined their relaxing day would turn into a dog rescue mission, but that is just what happened.

Bella back safe at home.
Bella back safe at home.

While the family enjoyed the day sitting on the beach’s shore, Bella became interested in what some nearby children were doing. They were throwing rocks into the water and the canine must have thought the rocks were worth chasing after. Bella jumped into the water and swam away, but there was a dangerous current in the water and the dog was swept away.

“We tried calling her back, but sometimes when she’s swimming she gets a bit naughty and doesn’t want to listen,” Birchall told The News. “She thinks she’s a fish. The current took her out so quickly. I was quite frantic. My fiancé (Alex Fiott) jumped in after her and started to swim out.”

However, Fiott didn’t know how dangerous the current really was, all he could think of was of saving the pet.  Luckily, Andy Ferguson, senior helm for Hayling from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), was on the beach and stepped in to help.

Ferguson yelled and commanded Fiott to return to shore. Meanwhile he dispatched a lifeboat out to where Bella was paddling, trying to keep her head above the water.

“They were brilliant,” said Birchall. “They pulled up right next to [Bella] and scooped her out of the water.”

Thanks to the RNLI Bella is alive today. The playful canine ingested some seawater that caused her an upset stomach, but after a few days of care at home, she was back to her normal, happy, playful self.