Dog Rescued from Dog Fighting Ring Voted “Most Beautiful Dog in the Country”

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Johnny Justice will be immortalized as a GUND stuffed toy. (Photo – Examiner)

After a really ruff start in life as an involuntary participant in the unspeakable Michael Vick dog fighting ring, Johnny Justice was rescued. Johnny was abused, beaten, and subjected to horrors we can’t even begin to imagine. But Johnny’s loving and sweet spirit shone through after going through therapy dog training and now lives a life of luxury with new owner, Cris Cohen.

Johnny and Cris have been advocates for the children’s reading program in Burlingame, California’s Paws for Tales. Unfortunately, just 18 months into the program, they ended their association with the program after Patricia Harding, librarian, banned pit bulls from her library without ever having met Johnny or Cris.

That didn’t stop Cris and Johnny Justice, though. Johnny was entered in a Facebook contest sponsored by GUND, a giant retailer of plush stuffed toys. Johnny won the coveted title of “Most Beautiful Dog in the Country” and will be immortalized as a new toy! The Johnny Justice toy will be available in 2013. Now THAT is definitely justice for Johnny!

6 thoughts on “Dog Rescued from Dog Fighting Ring Voted “Most Beautiful Dog in the Country””

  1. If the best revenge is living well then this little dog is on top! How sad that Patricia Harding is so ignorant and that she caused this wonderful pair not to be able to come to the library. Some people are so closed minded. Well I am glad this dog was rescued and that he is going to a toy. How cute.

  2. As a pet groomer, did she ban cockers? They actually bite more than pits do….you simply cannot ban a breed when each dog is so individual!

  3. It is a shame that in a country the pushes for tolerance
    and diversity for all things, is so closed minded about pits.
    We have two of these wonderful dogs. One we raised from a pup
    And one we rescued from an abusive home. He was beaten regularly, shot at and
    nearly poisoned by a neighbor who believed the lies of those who
    want the breed destroyed! But he is just as loving and gentle as
    the one we raised from a pup! Stop the discrimination of this breed!
    And get educated !! We Love our pits!!!


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