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Dogs and Shelters Need Help in New Orleans


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Members of the Louisiana National Guard rescue a dog and his family (Photo – AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

As Hurricane Isaac continues to beat down on Louisiana and surrounding states, the plight of people and their pets worsens. Members of Louisiana’s National Guard have been called upon to do what they do best…assist those in need. Homes are under 10 feet of water and the residents with four feet, the dogs and other pets, need just as much helps as their owners.

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Carlo Maltese and Pin are rescued after their home flooded during Hurricane Issac. (Photo – AP Photo/David J Phillip)

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) was born during the Katrina disaster and was supposed to be a temporary organization while they were needed during that time. However, no one told the volunteers of ARNO. ARNO is still in New Orleans, expanding due to the needs of an ever-growing animal population.

There will be a lot of work to do once the rain stops and ARNO will be there to assist. For now, they need donations and supplies. Volunteers are needed at the shelter and to foster dogs until they can be returned to their owners. The director of the shelter says, “This storm will hurt us financially, so please help out with even $10.00 at

Their Facebook page states: “We need supplies of water, clean sheets and towels (bagged please, thanks!) ice (we have ice chests, but can use ice chests). We have about 120 gallons of water. it takes that amount for two days of water for the animals.” There is a long list of other items on their page, also.