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Dog Rescued from Garbage after Surviving Dog Attack

by Katherine

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On August 18, 2014, Tim Clifton, director of Animal Control in Clarksville, Tenn., rescued a tiny dog dumped in a garbage container. At first Clifton couldn’t identify the dog’s breed because the Yorkshire terrier was covered in blood, grease and trash. Nevertheless, the small pet was rushed to a vet clinic where his life was saved.

According to The Lead Chronicle, the dog now named Oscar, was left for dead in a dumpster in Lincoln Homes. It is believed the small pet was thrown in the garbage after another animal mauled him.

Photo Credit: Clarksville Animal Hospital
Photo Credit: Clarksville Animal Hospital

“He was so weak, he couldn’t stand up,” Clifton said. “You know how trash smells after several days in the sun? That’s how I found him.”

Oscar was rushed to the Animal Hospital in Clarksville, Tenn. and Dr. Andrew Fancher performed emergency surgery to fix the dog’s broken jaw and stitch the many wounds the pup had throughout his body. Oscar’s jaw was wire shut and he is currently fed with a syringe.

After hospital staff cleaned the pet they discovered he was a young Yorkshire terrier, between one- and two-years-old.

When animal lovers around the area learned of Oscar’s story many stepped up to help. Leslie Heimback, a member of the county Animal Control Board, organized an online fundraiser to collect funds and help pay for the dog’s medical cost.

Veterinarian technician Stephanie Ware became Oscar’s foster mom. The dog spends the day at the vet clinic where his healing is closely monitored and at night, he goes home with Ware.

Once Oscar recovers from his injuries he will be available for adoption. If you would like to donate towards his medical care you can donate directly to the Clarksville Animal Hospital by calling 931-647-1696 or visiting their location at 11 McClure St., in Clarksville, Tenn. You can also donate online.