FOUND: Tiny Dog Stolen at Gunpoint

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On July 30, 2014, Darren Clark from Hollywood, Fla., was out walking his sister’s dog, India, when a man approached him and robbed him at gunpoint. The armed thief took Darren’s cellphone and the nine-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. Two days later, police officers found the pet roaming the streets. Thanks to the pet’s microchip, India was reunited with her owner.


Damica Clark left her dog under her brother’s care when she had to work a double shift. Darren took the dog out for a walk around 1:30 a.m. but when passing an area grocery store, the dog sitter and pet were surprised by the armed robber.

Fearing for his life Darren gave the criminal his cellphone and never expected the man to snatch the dog from him. The thief then fled in a dark colored SUV.

Two days later police officers found an elusive and injured dog running down West Dixie Highway in Hollywood, Fla. The pet was taken to Hollywood Animal Hospital and veterinarians treated her for cuts to her face and eye, and a lost tooth. India was scanned for a microchip and because she had one, the dog was reunited with her owner.

Damica said her dog had been taken medicine for an infection prior to being stolen. India had missed a few doses and seemed a tired, but she made a full recovery.

15 thoughts on “FOUND: Tiny Dog Stolen at Gunpoint”

  1. If someone tried to take my dog from me at gunpoint they’d have to kill me. I’m not trying to sound tough, I’m just saying I’d be dead haha.

    • I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way about my Yorkie, “Pretty Boy”. I would seriously hurt anybody that would hurt him and, if someone wanted to steal him from me they would have to kill me too. I’m not trying to sound tough either, I’m a 78 yr.old gggrandmother, but I love my baby “Pretty Boy”. He loves me and depends on me as his Mommy since he was 7 wks. old. Why would I not love him and die for him, he would die for me.

  2. they’d be prying the dog from my dead fingers! because I’d either kill them or they me before I gave up my dog!


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