Dog rescued from highway needs surgery to save her leg

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Lassie, a Labrador mix, was found roaming the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago, Illinois on Monday. She had escaped from her leash on Saturday when her owners tried to take her to the vet for a routine grooming. Lassie now needs help as her hind leg was shattered when she was hit by a car on the expressway.

Janette Perez was taking Lassie to the Delta Animal Hospital to be groomed on Saturday. Lassie got scared, wriggled her way out of her leash and took off running. “We got the truck, we tried to find her. We lost her,” said Perez.

On Monday Lassie was spotted on the expressway, scared and not sure where to go. NBC5 recorded footage of Lassie being rescued from the highway and thanks to the help of the internet Lassie was reunited with her owners. Joanna Konca, director of the American Animal Rescue Society, posted the footage to the AARS’ Facebook page. Two members of Lost Dog Illinois connected it with an ad that had been posted by Lassie’s family.

Lassie is home, but still needs help. “She has road rash from being hit by the car, she has a severely broken leg, she has all her ligaments torn as well, so she definitely needs to go to a specialist,” said Konca. Her hind leg was shattered and will require a $3,000 surgery. Her family can only afford half of that cost. If Lassie doesn’t get the surgery soon she may lose her leg.

To help Lassie get her surgery, you can send donations to the American Animal Rescue Society at P.O. Box 3511, Oak Brook, IL 60522-3511 or visit Checks should include “For Lassie” in the memo line.