Dog Rescued from icy Great Miami River

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After going through what must have felt like a lifetime in the icy waters of the Great Miami River, a dog by the name of Stella was finally pulled to safety by firefighters.  After many attempts to “lasso” Stella they managed to get her out of the frozen water and to safety using a specialized watercraft.

After the daring rescue, she was taken to Stoneyridge Veterinary Service.  Medical staff reported Stella’s body temperature was so low when brought in, it wouldn’t even register on a thermometer.  Staff kept watch over her, and helped get her body temp regulated through the use of food and heating pads.

Vet staff at the hospital are amazed Stella survived the ordeal.  They said that no human would have been able to make it that long in the frigid water.  Thanks to her thick coat and webbed feet, Stella will live to tell the tale.

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