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Dog Rescued in Flood Reunited with Family

by Melanie

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11.22.13 - Flood Dog Reunited1

Earlier this month we brought you the story of Panda, the dog rescued by firefighters in Austin’s flash flood. We are happy to report that Panda has now been reunited with her owners, and that the humane society has donated supplies to care for her.

Firefighters were rescuing people and animals that had gotten displaced or needed to be evacuated from the Halloween flood that swept across central Texas when Michael Cooper and Matt Harvey came across Panda.

We don’t just rescue two-legged victims…we love our four-legged friends as well,” the Austin Fire Department said on their Facebook page.

11.22.13 - Flood Dog Reunited3

She was taken in and cared for by the Austin Humane Society for 23 days until they were finally able to reach her family. Panda is microchipped, but couldn’t get through at her house.

Panda’s family said the floodwaters filled up their home so quickly, a wall of water rushed in and swept her right out the front door. Their other dogs were taken as well, but returned home when the water receded.

We are all smiling today because Panda is finally home,” said Frances Jonon, AHS Executive Director. “We will continue to exhaust ourselves working to reunite the 21 other animals still in our care and without a known owner.”

They are caring for 70 animals in total that have been displaced by the flood, but have kindly donated a collar, leash and food for Panda as her family works to get back on their feet. To donate to those devastated by the flood, please click here.

11.22.13 - Flood Dog Reunited2