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Dog Rescuer Sells All her Possessions to Keep her Fur-Family Together

by Katherine

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Gail Calver (58) has been rescuing pets on her own for the past 25 years and like many other Americans, she has fallen on harsh economic times. Now, she is selling all she has in an attempt to buy a used RV and keep her fur-family together.

Calver lives in Syracuse, NY, and is the proud dog parent to an American Bulldog (Tugboat), an Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog (Madea), a Great Dane (Charlie) and a 40 pound mixed breed dog (Chopper). They have been living in the same house for 19 years now, but they soon will be homeless.

snout in the house2
Gail Calver

Calver’s health deteriorated to a point where she was forced to stop working and consequently, she stopped making house payments.

“I became disabled after hurting my back,” said Calver. “I have three slipped disks in my back and neck, and need replacement surgery for both knees. I have worked every day of my life, sometimes two jobs, and now I am only 58 and find myself unemployable. My physical problems have forced me to stop rescuing, and this is very hard.”

Calver founded Snout-in-the-House rescue, and on weekends she participated in pet-adoption fairs held at Dog Daze Pet Shop.

Dave Sturgis, owner of Dog Daze Pet Shop, says Calver has been coming to his store for a few years now.

Currently, Calver and her dogs live off her social security disability benefits. She has tried to work with her home’s mortgage company by sending smaller payments, but the bank won’t accept anything but the complete payment.

What Calver wishes for, is to be able to keep her pets and live together under one roof.

“Anyone who rescues or owns pets knows they are yours for life,” said Calver. “I will not leave them and can’t leave them. They are my family and I will not abandon them for any reason.”

Calver plans to drive the camper to Florida during the winter months and park at a friend’s property. During the summer months, she will drive back up to Syracuse, NY. If she is able to able to buy the RV she plans to continue helping as many homeless animals as possible. She wants to transport rescued dogs between Florida and New York, while traveling with her mobile home.

The cost of the RV is $10,000 and so far Calver has raised $2,000. She continues to look for anyone willing to lend a helping hand.

“Forget about me and save my animals,” said Calver.

If you want to help Calver and her fur-family, you can make a donation via or You can learn more about her rescue work by visiting Snout-in-the-House.