Pet Groomer Caught on Tape Abusing Dogs Gets the Boot

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Stock image – woman in this picture is not the accused animal abuser

On June 13, 2013, a pet stylist from Fur Kids Daycare in Calgary, Canada, was fired after she was caught on tape abusing dogs.

The video shows the abuser using a brush to hit a pet client while the innocent animal cowers to protect himself from the blows. On a separate clip, the abuser is also seen using a vacuum cleaner pole to drag a dog out of its kennel.

A Global News report says the tape was secretly recorded by former employee Trina Riel.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” said Riel. “There were days when I would end up tearing up in the grooming room. I’d have to go outside and say I was going on a break, and I would just hide my face.”

Dean Miles, owner of Fur Kids Daycare, spoke with the Calgary Herald and said this was the first time any allegations of abuse have been brought against his employees.

“The safety of our dogs is the most important thing because that’s our business,” said Miles.

The Calgary Humane Society has opened an investigation against the pet groomer and is asking the public to come forward if they believe and have evidence of their animals being abused by the same person.

“The number of calls we’ve received has been overwhelming,” said Christy Thompson, general manager of community relations for the Calgary Humane Society. “Calgary and the public have been completely outraged by the video. Anybody who believes that their animal has been in contact with this particular groomer, please give us a call. The more evidence we have the better.”

To contact Calgary Humane Society call 403-205-4455.


15 thoughts on “Pet Groomer Caught on Tape Abusing Dogs Gets the Boot”

  1. Shameful. Absolutely disgusting. I’ve seen time and time again, first hand, that there are a ton of these idiots out there grooming dogs that are in the wrong profession and have no business doing so.

  2. I saw a groomer grab my dog’s hind leg when she was trying to clip his nails. He screamed bloody murder and she started yelling at him. I told her to STOP and give me my dog NOW. Never went back, of course.

  3. If I ever saw something like that, I would go to the manager and tell all. I would then go to the authorities and tell them also. These people have no right to be treating animals in such a manner. I hope they press charges and she gets the maximum sentence for her actions. There is no room for these people around animals!!!!

  4. The woman who was caught on tape hurting those poor animals should NEVER be able to groom any animal again! That’s just sick! The business should not have to be held accountable but the video taping should be a must.

  5. Is there any evidence that other groomers are also abusing animals or are you just needing to punish unnecessarily?

  6. a lot of dogs are afraid at the groomers and they will start screaming as soon as the groomer lifts their paw to clip their nails. we have a lab that does this. if dogs aren’t taken to a goomer at a young age this will happen. also a groomer has to yell at them other wise they wind up getting bite they have to show some authority so the dog behaves. most groomers love animals and wouldn’t hurt them on purpose…

    • You can be assertive with a dog without yelling, hitting, or hurting or terrorizing the animal in any other way. A professional groomer should be able to do the job without hurting or yelling. That will just cause more tension for the animal and escalate any other instances. If the owner of the grooming salon knew of the abuse and didn’t react quickly then the salon should also be punished and I’d gladly sign the petition, but if the owners didn’t know (which they should have) then the petition hurts them unfairly. Does anyone know if individual dog groomers have to be licensed just like hairdressers for people?

    • I am a groomer, and I concur! I have several dogs that come to my shop that the moment they SEE a pair of nail clippers or even a nail file or a grinder start screaming bloody murder. Touch a foot with a finger; SCREAM! Take my finger away; silence. I’ve had customers laughing hysterically over that as they watch their dogs act out. You have to train a dog early & often that nail trimming won’t hurt. Of course, you have to be a professional and do a good job & not hurt the dog to begin with. I suggest to my clients that they start de-sensitizing their dogs by petting & rubbing the pet’s feet, and then immediately follow it up with praise & a treat. I started early with my dogs & cats. Even my cats just lay on their back & purr while I trim their nails. But then, they also love their baths!

  7. I’m a Groomer & you do have to be firm sometimes but never hit a dog or yell that just causes fear you want a dog to trust you not fear you.
    Most states vary on licensing for grooming mine you don’t require a license.


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