Dog Rescues 6-Year-Old Girl from Drowning

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*UPDATE: The Morton Report has retracted the article that was the basis for this post after being hacked by an internet prankster. It sounds as though they are considering legal action. Sigh. In the good news department, we can all stop worrying about Maggie. 😉

The deadly currents of a flooded Washington river proved no match for the love of a devoted family pet when a dog came to the rescue of a drowning child.

A Ridgefield, Washington family very nearly lost their daughter on August 17th. Marie and Tom Morgan and their 6-year-old daughter Taylor were walking their dog, Maggie, near the Lewis River when Taylor picked up a rock and ran toward the river to throw it. The river was raging from recent flooding, and as Taylor neared the water’s edge the bank she was standing on let go, collapsing into the river and taking her with it.

Tom Morgan said he watched in horror as the waters swept his daughter away. In an interview with the The Morton Report he said, “I couldn’t keep up with her, the water was too quick. I was running as fast as I could along the edge when Maggie bolted past me for about 30 yards and then leaped into the river. I lost sight of both of them for a second and then I saw Maggie with Taylor’s jacket collar in her mouth trying to swim towards the bank. The river took them down about another hundred yards before Maggie was able to reach the bank. Even though they went under a few times she didn’t let go once. If it hadn’t been for Maggie, we would have lost our daughter.”

As unbelievable as that may seem, the Morgans were not the only witnesses to the incredible rescue. An eyewitness was jogging and by was incredulous at the sight of Maggie dragging Taylor out of the water.

“The dog sprinted and jumped about 12 feet out into the river just in front of the child. They both went under and when they came up the dog had her jacket in its mouth and was dragging her to the bank. The dad ran into the water’s edge and grabbed the other side of the child’s jacket and they both dragged her up onto the grass. I have never seen anything like it.”

The Morton Report also interviewed local police Sergeant Michael Brodie, who said, “I have never heard of a dog jumping into a river to save a child before. The family is very lucky to own a dog with this degree of devotion. When I took the report at the family’s home, the dog sat there looking back and forth between me and Taylor and I could sense something extremely unusual between them.”

Amazingly, Maggie has come to Taylor’s rescue previously. Morton said, “Maggie never lets her out of her sight. About two years ago she rushed into the house, breaking the screen, barking as if she had gone crazy. She is usually very gentle and quiet. When my wife and I rushed to see what was happening she ran out into the yard where we found Taylor lying on the grass having trouble breathing. She had been stung on the neck and is highly allergic to bees.”

Making this wonderful tale of devotion even sweeter is the fact that Maggie is adopted. “We visited an animal shelter and were walking down a row of cages and all the other dogs were either barking or running around but one was just sitting quietly in the middle of its cage as if waiting and Taylor stopped and said, “Hello Maggie, we’re taking you home.”

The police department has nominated Maggie for a Commendation of Bravery award, but this is where her story takes a sad turn. Maggie may not be alive to receive it.

“We found out last month that Maggie has been diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma cancer and will not be with us in a few months; we haven’t told Taylor yet as she will be devastated. It will be the hardest thing we have ever had to do. The two have an inseparable bond that is based on real love. We owe our daughter’s life to her.”

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  1. Maggie has already received her award — the little girl is alive because of her. She is a great soul, and will be waiting on the other side of the Bridge for her beloved Taylor.

  2. I was very moved by your story. We have a wonderful black lab, named Nina who is more a family member than a pet. We too rescued her in almost the same manner. She was waiting for my daughter too. I just wanted to let the family of Maggie know that our dog was diagnosed with the same disease, and actually had her spleen and a four pound tumor removed last December. We were told that if we were lucky, she would live maybe two months more. It’s been 8 months and you would think she was a puppy! Full of life, and she looks as if nothing happened. We do feed her asparagus, as I read somewhere it’s good for cancer patients, and she gets a 1-4 mile walk every day. It will be a very sad day when we lose our Nina, but she too saved my daughter’s life one night by waking me at 3am and insisting I follow her in to my daughter’s room. Lucky I did, as she was burning up with an extremely high fever. I would have never been able to help had Nina not alerted me. We had only had Nina a week, and she did this. I feel sorry for people who have not experienced a dogs love. There is nothing like it! I sure hope Maggie’s system can fight as hard as our Nina’s!


  4. Is there any hope for any type of treatment for maggie. Has she been to the best vets there are? Maggie deserves the best treatment that there is to be offered, anything anyone can do to help? Please let me know

  5. What a beautiful dog she is and she is giving her love back far more than you could have ever expected enjoy

  6. Do you know if the owners got this information? Such a touching story, and my heart goes out to them. Thank you for passing on that information about Dr. Shoemaker. I’m hoping this family sees your message and contacts the doctor.

    • Great Book by Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM called “the Dog Cancer survival guide.purchase it through or paperback at Amazon. Loaded with great info for caring for your dog. First thing to do for cancer is to change the diet. Cancer loves carbs and sugars.


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